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  • Andrea Payme

Welcome to the "About Nothing" Blog

This time I really mean it. No fooling around. Today is the last day of me being a blogless writer.

Every morning for the last two years I have awakened with three burning questions on my mind: 1) Should I have a blog? 2) If I do have a blog, what will I write about?

3) Which are cuter, malti-poos or yorkie-poos?

But this morning I had an "aha!" moment. Of course I should have a blog, and it will be a great success! Why? Because I will model this blog after one of the most genius television sitcoms ever created: "Seinfeld!" Yep, just like George and Jerry's idea to create a hit sitcom about absolutely nothing, I have decided I will blog about absolutely nothing. After all, if a blog about absolutely nothing is somewhat interesting, then I can proudly claim the title of "professional writer. "

Strange though; once I settled on starting a blog about absolutely nothing, I started coming up with tons of ideas to blog about. Therefore, there will be no shortage of nothingness to discuss here: funny stories about my life in Panama, deep thoughts about small doggies, spiritual musings, etc.

And who knows?...maybe my blog about absolutely nothing will eventually evolve into a blog about something. I might even get around to publishing some posts about being a freelance writer, editor, and virtual assistant.

Time will tell. For now, I'm sticking with the Seinfeld approach.

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